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National Geographic. Around the World in 125 Years. Europe

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For over five generations, National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated its readers with incredible photography and gripping stories spanning the four corners of the earth and the deepest oceans. Inspired by our monumental Around the World in 125 Years, this volume curates over 200 captivating images, sourced directl...

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Araki. Tokyo Lucky Hole

Nobuyoshi Araki

Japan`s sex industry in full flower. In more than 800 photos, Nobuyoshi Araki captures the sex shows, orgies, and bizarre crazes of Tokyo`s Shinjuku red light district. From no-panties massage parlors to the notorious commuter-train fetishists, this is the last word on an age of bacchanalia, infused with moments of humor, poe...

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Künstlerlexikon Schlesien. Der bildenden Künstler und Kunsthandwerker Schlesiens

Berthold Kandora, Rainer Sachs

Das Lexikon der bildenden Künstler und Kunsthandwerker Schlesiens bemüht sich auf der Grundlage von über 40 Jahre andauernden Archivstudien, in denen über 25.000 Faszikel Archivalien vollständig durchgesehen wurden, einen möglichst kompletten Überblick über Leben und Werk der Schöpfer vorzulegen, die wenigstens vorübergehend ...

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National Geographic. Around the World in 125 Years. Asia & Oceania

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Designed and signed by Christo himself, the artist reveals the complete story of his and Jeanne-Claude’s extraordinary The Floating Piers of June–July 2016. On 846 pages, the artist presents preparatory drawings and collages, as well as important documents, engineering drawings, technical data, maps and more than 2000 project...

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The New York Times. Explorer. Beaches, Islands & Coasts

Barbara Ireland

Whether it’s a chocolate tour of the Caribbean or a swim to the tiny monastery island on Italy’s Lago d’Orta, dive in and share the discoveries of the Beaches, Islands & Coasts edition of The New York Times Explorer. These 25 dream trips feature first-person narratives, postcard-perfect photography, and useful information to ...

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The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

Noel Daniel

Discover an exciting new compilation of Hans Christian Andersen’s world-famous fairy tales, a return to childhood with the whole family in mind. The collection features 23 classic stories, vintage illustrations from artists such as Kay Nielsen and Lotte Reiniger, artist biographies, and silhouettes specially commissioned for ...

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Mathematical Transgressions 2015

Piotr Błaszczyk, Barbara Pieronkiewicz

We should agree that mathematics is no longer the Queen of the Sciences, while it is still believed to be the basis of modern education, its role needs to be re-defined. It is necessary to address this challenge. The first step in this direction consists of the adoption of a new perspective. The Latin word transgressio means ...

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The ABCs of Polish Design

Ewa Solarz

100 lat polskiego dizajnu, 100 projektów, 100 niezwykłych historii, 100 ilustracji. Młodszy czytelnik odkryje jak wyglądał świat rodziców i dziadków, kto wpadł na pomysł Ptasiego Mleczka i kiedy zaprojektowano jacht Omega, co przetrwało próbę czasu i towarzyszy nam do dziś, a co jest już tylko w muzeach. Dorosły czytelnik o...

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Geschmack des Lebens auf Schloss Fürstenstein im Objektiv von Louis Hardouin, dem Küchenchef der Familie von Hochberg

Elżbieta Przesmycka (red.), Elżbieta Trocka-Leszczyńska (red.)

Louis Hardouin (1877–1954) war Chefkoch der Familie von Hochberg auf Schloss Fürstenstein (Książ) und arbeitete für Hans Heinrich XV. vermutlich bis zum Jahre 1932. Der Leidenschaft für Fotografie des französischen Küchenchefs verdankt Schloss Fürstenstein die, wie durch ein Wunder in der Familiensammlung erhalten gebliebenen...

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The Mermaid Chair

Sue Monk Kidd

Jessie Sullivan honestly believes she is happy. She has a lovely home, a dependable husband and an accomplished teenage daughter. But when she returns to the remote island of her childhood, to establish the cause of her mother`s incresingly strange behaviour, Jessie is drawn to Brother Thomas, a Benedictine monk on the verge ...

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The Mummy

David Levithan

The Mummy is an exciting movie. Imphotep dies in Ancient Egypt. 3,700 years later Rick O`Connell finds him. Imhotep is very dangerous. Can O`Connell send him back to the dead?

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Designer Apartments

Living in a box-and what a box it is! Working with restricted space conditions, contemporary architecture and modern design have accepted the challenge of creating exciting living environments, at the same time windows on the world and places for rest and leisure. Elegance meets diversity, pragmatic solutions seamlessly integ...

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